On Bravo

A long time ago, in a country far away, musician, songwriter and producer, Bravo Bonez (pron “bone-ez”) was signed to a major label. He was too young to realise the enormity of the opportunity, and wasted it. Now a few years later, he has re-emerged, re-energised, with the intention of spreading a message of “music, hope and love” to the planet.

Bravo ‘s initial foray back into the music world was a collaboration with Alba Rose in a project called “ARLS”. The trip-hop-inspired single “LUCKY” was released in August 2019 to a positive critical response. This track was the first release from the “MELD EP”, which is expected to be released sometime in 2021.

The latest releases from Bravo include a five track instrumental EP called “Love Blast Lounge”. One might describe it as a retro lo-fi beats mash-up.

Bravo has also commenced the release schedule of the 6 track “Norwegian Pop” EP he has recorded as “LearningToDive” with the first single releases “High & Dry” and “Falling Leaves” out now. Fans of post-punk, new wave, dark wave and the New Romantic movement might enjoy this EP. Look out for the new single “Rainbow Fall” which is being released on January 15th 2021 ahead of the US Presidential inauguration. The track is an 80s-style post-punk-pop anthem calling for reconciliation and forgiveness for those segments of society that have virtually been at war over the last few years. The cover art is below.


Further, a love of cinematic, ambient music led Bravo to create the “Haikyo” identity from which he has also released the thirteen track “Number One” EP. As he describes it, the EP contains “thirteen little worlds”.

Find all the releases on the Music page.

Bravo enjoys collaborating with other artists across a range of genres, principally RnB, hip hop and neo-soul. But he is happy to work in any genre, and would love to hear from other artists who might like to collaborate. Bravo owns and runs a recording studio in Wellington, New Zealand.

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