On Bravo

A long time ago, in a country far away, musician, songwriter and producer, Bravo Bonez (pron “bone-ez”) was signed to a major label. He was too young to realise the enormity of the opportunity, and wasted it. Now a few years later, he has re-emerged, re-energised, with the intention of spreading a message of “music, hope and love” to the planet.

Bravo currently resides on both sides of our fragile blue globe, spending no more than five weeks in any one place. The diversity of living environments stimulates his creativity, such that he has a couple of creative identities.

Under the name Bravo Bonez, Bravo collaborates with other artists across a range of genres, principally RnB, soul and neo-soul. But he is happy to work in any genre, and would love to hear from other artists who might like to collaborate. He has just completed some production and arranging work for two emerging artists.

Bravo’s solo music is released under the name “learningtodive”, from which there is a debut album coming in 2020. If you like post-punk, ambient, shoegaze or dreampop, this might be for you.

Bravo has been working with Alba Rose, an incredibly talented emerging singer/songwriter with a golden voice. Their collaboration is called ARLS. The first EP from ARLS is due in the first half of 2020. In the interim there will be a few single releases, the first of which is “LUCKY” on August 1st.

Music / Hope / LOVE