You can now stream Bravo’s latest EP “Love Blast Lounge”.  Click on the EP cover below ~!!!


The first five singles from Bravo’s LearningToDive identity are out now also. These are off the eight track “Norwegian Pop” album which will be released on April 2nd, 2021. Click on the images below to stream the first five singles.


LearningToDive – High & Dry


LearningToDive – Falling Leaves


LearningToDive – Rainbow Fall


LearningToDive – Tainted (Edit)


Watch the video for Tainted at the link below…


LearningToDive – Promenade


Watch the video for Promenade at the link below…



Haikyo – Number One

A love of ambient, cinematic music led to the creation of Bravo’s latest identity, Haikyo. “Haikyo” translates as “ruin” in Japanese. A recent trip back to Japan after having lived there for five years many years ago resonated with Bravo, with the hundreds of old buildings falling down in the countryside reminding him of his life and the way he built these “thirteen little worlds”. The “Number One” EP is linked below.


Bravo collaborated with Alba Rose in a duo called ARLS. The first single release in August 2019 was “LUCKY”. The “MELD EP” from which this single was taken, will be released sometime in 2021.

The single is linked at the image below…



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